Planning a UK Circumnavigation

Talks by Sam Steele and Margaret Campbell

Sam will be looking at planning aspects of a Round Britain Cruise such as: when to leave, which route, which direction, what to take, how long does it take and many other key questions. The talk will answer these questions and many more and will be coupled with an entertaining account of her trip round Britain in 2006 with her mate Margaret (Mags) Campbell in their Rival 38, Ituna. This talk should wet your appetite to set off – our coastline is stunningly beautiful.

“Sam Steele and Mags Campbell gave an excellent talk at the Cruising Association, drawing a record attendance. The lecture is well illustrated and very entertaining, being both an account of a most interesting trip around the coast of Britain and a wealth of practical advice for those planning their own voyage. Highly recommended.” Cruising Association

“Terrific talk, they both have a contagious enthusiasm for their subject – I highly recommend them” Henley Offshore Group

Samantha Steele and Margaret Campbell’s “Round Britain” talk came highly recommended by two other CA Sections, but we think they were undersold! They have sailed together for nearly ten years and the mutual trust and understanding you need to do serious sailing short-handed was just as apparent in their presentation, as they shifted smoothly, one to the other, around our beautiful islands. The talk was excellently illustrated and neatly balanced between the practical, the travelogue and wildlife cameos. The second edition of their book shows the same attractive combination of the useful and the interesting. Here are two sailors who think about their sailing as well as doing it. The applause was loud, sustained and heartfelt” Essex Section Cruising Association

Talk programme - Please refer to Club website for timings

Civil Service Sailing Association 28th April

Sam and Mags are not charging any money for these talks but ask for a donation to the Ellen MacArthur trust Note some clubs may charge non-members entry fees, please check with club for details.

“Clear writing, stunning imagery and useful graphics make for a manual at once informative and entertaining. The book is an invaluable guide to anyone thinking of cruising the UK” Yachting Monthly Jun 08