The following have completed a circumnavigation. If your cruise is missing please contact me. However, I will ask you to complete a survey. This is used to help inform others who are planning a trip. There is one route which I have yet to find someone who has completed it. UK and Ireland via Caley Canal. Have you?

Yachts UK and Ireland
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Ray & Margo Glaister 32ft Woodbridge 1998
Roger Oliver 25ft Gosport 2004
David Rainsbury 26ft Liverpool
David Horn Starlight 35 Gosport 2006
Lynn Stonehouse 42ft Cat Falmouth 2010

Motorboat & Rib UK and Ireland
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Archie Ward, Harry Edwards and Jack Haigh Rib 29.5 Southampton

Yachts Britain via Cape Wrath
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Tom Cunliffe 50 Gaff Cutter Beaulieu 1994
Ray & Mary Glaister32Woodbridge
Paul Heiney Libby PurvesCornish Crabber 30Woodbridge1998
Roger Oliver 25Gosport2002
Geoffrey PalmerContessa 32Northney2004
Iain and Penny Kitson33Lowestoft2005
Colin and Elspeth Iskander Nic 35Ipswich2005
Bill and Anita MillerW Corsair 36Harwich2005
John Hill Hustler 38Chichester 2005
David Buckpitt62 KetchDartmouth2005
Denis ArgentRival 34R Couch2005
Stan Lester27Dittisham2005
Steve and Claire CrookBeneteau 36Port Solent05/06
Ken Endean27
John calver28Woodbridge
Sam Steele & Mags CampbellRival 38Gosport2006
Tony Brimble34Lymington
Vince SpoonerContessa 26Hull2007
Nico ShipmanWesterly GK29Brightlingsea 2006
Greg Hill 41Gosport2006
Sarah Fagg 22Exmouth2006
Rob Jenkins Hunter Medina 20Ramsgate2007
Colin Iskander Nic 35 Ipswich 2005
Graeme HallHallberg Rassy 352Largs 2008
Henry BombyContessa 26Dartmouth

Motorboats and ribs Britain via Cape Wrath
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Stanly Ross 48 London
Maurice and wendy Walmsley Broom 37 Southampton
Malcolm and Glenda Stennet Broom 39 Falmouth
Gill & Jeff Thatcher 26
Rob Andrew 26Hamble
Dominic& nicola Gribbin 20 Poole
Yvonne Mackintosh Rib 31.2 Southampton
Nigel Steljes Rib 27.9 Southampton

Yachts Britain via Caley Canal
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Tom Cunliffe 50 Tom Cunliffe Beaulieu 1988
Sid Hygate Halmatic 30 Gosport britain 2006
Chalie Tait, David & Mary Trim 39 Solent 2006
Sam Kent 25 Penzance
Gordon Stollard Island Packet 42 Chichester 2005
Mike DixonFairey Atlanta 31 Stonehaven 2005
Chester Wallace Moody 336 Dartmouth 2006
Carol & Dermott Stewart 31 Faversham 2005
Tom Cunliffe 50 Beaulieu
Steve Crookey Westerly GK29 Fowey
Ellen MacArthur Corribee 21 Hull 1995
Katy Miller 21 Southampton
Karen Hodges 18 Harwich
Mike Fellows Van de Stadt 28 Hartlepool
John Chadwick 36Weir Quay
Peter Wood ward28
Geoff HoltChallebger tri 15 Hamble 2007
Jonathan Hutchinson 31 Lymington 2006
Jack Daly Corribee 21 Ramsgate
Chris Ward12m CatFalmouth 2002
Bob GoodeJeanneau S. O. 32 2008
Cath Vise48ft Oyster LightwaveCowes 2009
Hilary ListerArtemis 20Dover 2008-09
Jenny BaileyHunter Pilot 27Ipswich
Roger and Josie PhillipsNordlys Contessa 32 Ipswich

Motorboats and ribs Britain via Caley
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Mike Perry 40 Medway
Brian Rhodes 34 Hamble
Tim gray 43 Pwiheli
Malcolm and Glenda Stennet44 Falmouth twice

Yachts Lowland Scotland, England , Wales via Forth and Firth
Skipper/Crew Boat Start Point Year Website
Clive Anstiss Freeman 30 Fosdyke 2005

Every attempt is made to check this information is correct. If there are any errors or you which to have your name removed, please let me know.