"The new circumnavigatorís bible" Geoff Holt Dec 08

"There is something to learn on every page. Must be one of the best available practical guides for cruising." Lymington Times Dec 08

"Very good planning aid. Highly recommended" Sailing Today Mar 09

Lymington Times Dec 13th 2008 "UK and Ireland Circumnavigatorís Guide"

In 2006 Samantha Steele and her partner successfully sailed round Britain. There is an ever increasing number of motorboats and yachts making the trip, but Sam found a shortage of advice when planning the voyage an a lack of relevant information. This inspired her to carry out research to fill in the gaps and produce this guide.

Building on her extensive previous cruising experience and that gained on her circumnavigation, she has drawn on the achievements of many others that have made the trip. The result is 148 pages packed with advice and up to date information on equipment, routes, safety, planning and living aboard. Mixed in is an account of her and her partnerís trip, the route taken and events, weather patterns and forecasting.

There is a wealth of illustrations and tables of helpful advice. There is so much in this book that builds on what might be learnt studying for the RYA Yachtmaster. Not just what was useful during her circumnavigation, but what would be helpful to anyone going to sea in a boat. There is something to learn on every page. Must be one of the best available practical guides for cruising.

ĎUK and Ireland Circumnavigatorís Guideí, by Sam Steele, is published by Adlard Coles Nautical at £16.99, ISBN 978-0-7136-8886-3. N.H.

Geoff Holt "First Disabled Sailor to Sail Round Britain"

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this book for some time. Sadly it was published too late for my own voyage around GB, but I was keen to get my copy anyway to not only see how it should be done, but to see where I might have learned a few tips.

My initial thoughts are how extremely comprehensive this book is, this is a full-on reference book, fully researched and well written with great pictures and illustrations. But I would go further and say that the vast majority of the practical advice and detail in this book is applicable to anyone making a passage in and around UK waters, not just those who want to do the whole 360 degree thing. Do I wish I'd had a copy before I set off on my voyage? You bet I do. And the main reason why? Well, most importantly, it's knowing that whatever you are planning or whatever you do, it's reassuring to know that someone has done it before you and it is far better to learn from others, than to completely re-invent the wheel. Well done, a full 5 stars, an absolute must for every chart table.

Chapter headings include: Is this the voyage for me?, Planning route, Finances, Preparations, Stores/Equipment/Kit, Provisioning, Mooring/Anchoring, Weather, Staying in Touch, Navigation, Life on Board, Safety, Hazards and Engine maintenance.

Dec 08